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Effects of 6-Hydroxyflavone on Osteoblast Differentiation in MC3T3-E1 Cells

Figure 5

Effects of 6-hydroxyflavone (6-OH-F) on the deposition of the MC3T3-E1 cell mineralized matrix. After 5 wk of treatment with 40 μM 6-OH-F, the mineral matrix deposition was represented as the relative calcein fluorescent intensity per well to the DABI intensity per well: quantification values (a) and images (green fluorescent spots) (b) were summarized. Data are expressed as mean ± SD ( ). Columns with superscripts of consecutive letters (a, b, and c) are statistically different from one another at determined by ANOVA and Duncan’s multiple-range tests, indicating that the difference between the groups with consecutive letters (a, b, and c) is significant. Abbreviation: OS = osteogenic medium; 6-OH-F = 6-hydroxyflavone.