Research Article

Effects of Young Barley Leaf Powder on Gastrointestinal Functions in Rats and Its Efficacy-Related Physicochemical Properties

Table 4

Water-holding capacity and setting volume in water of BL, WB, and CL.

Content of dietary fiberWHCSV
(%)g water/gmL/g

BL37.84.1 ± 0.2a7.1 ± 0.3a
WB38.1 2.9 ± 0.3b3.9 ± 0.1b
CL96.0 2.5 ± 0.2b4.4 ± 0.2b

BL: young barley leaf powder, WB: wheat bran, CL: cellulose, WHC: water-holding capacity, and SV: setting volume in water.
Data of WHC and SV, respectively, with different alphabetical letters are significantly different at .