Research Article

Tualang Honey Protects against BPA-Induced Morphological Abnormalities and Disruption of ERα, ERβ, and C3 mRNA and Protein Expressions in the Uterus of Rats

Figure 1

(a) Changes in body weight gain. Body weight gains were not statistically different among all experimental groups. (b) Uteri relative weights in all experimental groups. BPA exposure which caused a significant decline in body weight was observed (PC group), while concurrent treatment of BPA with Tualang honey (TH group) significantly prevented the reduction in the relative body weight. Data are expressed as Mean ± SEM. (1) versus NC (negative control). (2) , , and versus PC (BPA 10 mg/kg). (3) versus TH (Tualang honey 200 mg/kg + BPA 10 mg/kg). (4) versus THC (Tualang honey 200 mg/kg).