Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Effect of GuiXiong Xiaoyi Wan in Treatment of Endometriosis on Rats

Table 4

Treatment-related enhancement of a cell-mediated immune response in the spleens of experimental rats.

Variable Percentage of CD3+ T cell in gate Percentage of CD4+ T cell in gate Percentage of CD8+ T cell in gateCD4/CD8 Ratio
Median (%) ~P75Median (%) ~P75Median (%) ~P75Median (%) ~P75

Sham43.3738.62~50.63 57.0456.72~59.1733.8331.66~35.501.6901.606~1.870
Low-dose 40.1329.27~45.5964.00*54.26~71.0925.05*19.28~28.782.560*1.894~3.798
High-dose 42.1639.50~46.6864.26*61.82~68.8322.50*19.13~23.802.955*2.610~3.602

Mean , when compared with control group.