Table 1: Outline of the mindfulness meditation intervention.


1(i) Course orientation
(ii) Basics of body scan
(iii) Mindful eating

2(i) Advanced body scan
(ii) 3-minute breathing meditation
(iii) Training attention and awareness through mindful breathing
(iv) Basics of diary on mindfulness practice

3(i) Walking meditation (live in the moment)
(ii) Breathing techniques
(iii) The classical basis of the mindfulness meditation course
(iv) Administration of the pretest (College Learning Effectiveness Inventory and computer cognitive tasks)

4Mindful meditations

5(i) Mindfulness practice before sleeping
(ii) Nonjudgmental versus judgmental

6Mindfulness and the Noble Eightfold Path

7(i) From mindfulness to “fullness of understanding”
(ii) Mindfulness diary writing skills

8(i) How do we know the world
(ii) Mindfulness and health

9 (mid-term exam) 50-minute mindfulness meditation practice

10(i) The beginner’s mind
(ii) Benefits of mindful speech

11(i) Mindfulness interpersonal skills
(ii) Basic use of dialectical behavior therapy

12(i) Mindfulness and scientific research
(ii) Mindfulness attitudes

13Mindful living

14(i) Purpose of behavior with “fullness of understanding”
(ii) The use of the beginner’s mind
(iii) Balanced view of pros and cons

15(i) Perspective views are decided by angles
(ii) Investigating the filters of knowing (cognition)
(iii) Administration of the posttest (College Learning Effectiveness Inventory and computer cognitive tasks)

16Principle of not harming and principle of sincere treating

17(i) Thoughts as thoughts, not necessarily the reality
(ii) The use of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
(iii) The origin of life dependent 
(iv) Helpers also need mindfulness

1850-minute mindfulness meditation practice