Table 12: Pet therapy in ASD.

Author Year Type and duration of study Sample size Type of intervention ComparatorsDose Outcome measureFindings Comments

Kern et al. [89]2011Open label  
Duration: 12 months
(M 18; F 6)  
Age: 3–12 years
Horse ridingWaiting list60 min lesson once a weekCARS, the Timberlawn Parent-Child Interaction Scale, SPImprovement in CARSOpen label design  
No blinding  
Waiting list lasts for three months  
Unclear drop-out rate

O’Haire et al. [90]2014Open label  
Duration: 8 weeks
(M 50; F 14)  
Age: 5–12 years
Pet therapy with Guinea pig Waiting list Two 20-minute sessions weeklyPDDBI, SSRSImprovement in all outcome measuresOpen label design  
No blinding

ASD, autism spectrum disorder; CARS, Childhood Autism Rating Scale; PDDBI, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Behavior Inventory; SP, Sensory Profile; SSRS, Social Skills Rating System.