Table 13: Chiropractic care in ASD.

Author Year Type and duration of study Sample size Type of intervention ComparatorsOutcome measureFindings Comments

Aguilar et al. [91]2000Open label  
Duration: 9 months
Chiropractic careNoneModified Autism Checklist CARSImprovementNo control group  
Open label design  
Improvement potentially due to regression to the mean or normal development

Khorshid et al. [92]2006Randomized, parallel group  
Duration: 3–5 months
(M 13; F 1)  
Age: 4–16 years
Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical SMT  
Full spine SMT  
ATECImprovement (more in AO)Small sample size  
No control group  
Blinding not reported

ASD, autism spectrum disorder; ATEC, Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist; CARS, Childhood Autism Rating Scale; SMT, Spinal Manipulative Therapy.