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Research Article

Sibjotang Increases Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Secretion in Beating Rabbit Atria

Figure 1

Protocols for present experiments. Atria were paced 1.3 Hz. The values (means of two fractions) obtained before and after the addiction of vehicle (LY333531, GO6976, Rottlerin). Cont: control; SJ: Sibjotang; LY: LY333531; GO: GO697; Rott: Rottlerin; EK, Euphorbia kansui; EP: Euphorbia pekinensis; DG: Daphne genkwa; ZJ: Ziziphus jujube; ROS: rosmarinic acid; SAL: salvianolic acid B; API: apigenin. See Section 2.4 for details.