Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2015 / Article / Fig 3

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Danhong Promotes Angiogenesis in Diabetic Mice after Critical Limb Ischemia by Activation of CSE-H2S-VEGF Axis

Figure 3

Effect of DH on recovery of blood flow monitored by LDPI, X-ray, and CD31 staining in diabetic mice. Representative evaluation of ischemic (right) and control (left) hind limbs on week 4 after operation. Blood flow perfusion was measured by LDPI, collateral circulation was assessed by angiography in X-ray, and CD31 staining was used to observe microvessel producing. DH significantly increased angiogenesis in diabetic hind limb ischemia versus DM model group (equal dosage PBS treatment). Data are expressed as mean ± SD. indicates versus DM model group.