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Type of Multimorbidity and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Adults

Table 1

Description of study sample and number and weighted percent with complementary and alternative medicine use, National Health Interview Survey 2012.

Total sampleEver used CAM Sig.
Wt. %Wt. %

 African American2,12511.364431.1
 Other races7044.332345.8
Age in years***
 22–39 years1,54512.180952.4
 40–49 years1,71114.986550.5
 50–64 years4,65836.92,32251.4
 65 and older5,33236.12,21642.7
Marital status***
 Never married1,72410.078144.8
Education level***
 LT high school2,42115.669529.0
 High school3,70928.11,49142.0
 GT high school7,06756.24,01656.9
Poverty status***
 Near poor2,56516.41,06641.5
 Middle income3,32126.01,63848.6
 High income3,58833.02,12258.0
General health ***
 Very good3,35127.51,78653.2
Functional limitation***
 No 4,70038.02,11845.4
Body mass index
 Normal weight3,20423.11,55550.6
Smoking status***
 Never smoke6,47348.42,98747.1
 Past smoker4,17833.02,09851.6
 Current smoker2,57518.61,12145.1
Alcohol drinking***
 Lifetime abstainer2,79518.795234.4
 Former drinker5,00437.22,31347.8
 Current drinker5,34343.42,91154.7
Physical activity***
 Unable to do5904.021836.2

Note. Based on 13,246 adults, age over 21 years, having at least two or more chronic physical illnesses or one or more chronic physical illnesses with mental illness. Chronic physical illnesses consisted of diabetes, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, and respiratory diseases. Mental illnesses consisted of depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health disorders. Percentages may not add to 100 due to missing data in marital status, education level, insurance, general health, functional status, and smoking status. Asterisks represent significant group differences by complementary and alternative medicine use based on chi-square tests.
Wt.: weighted; CAM: complementary and alternative medicine; LT: less than; GT: greater than; Wid./Div./Sep.: widowed, divorced, and separated. *** < .001; **.001 ≤ < .01; *.01 ≤ < .05.