Table 3: Changes in the scores of motor and nonmotor symptoms in the D + EA and D groups.

D + EA group (before and after EA)D group (before and after 2 months)

UPDRS III [points (mean ± SD)]4.9 ± 4.82.3 ± 3.00.036
H-Y Stage [stage, median (quartile)]0.0 (0.0~0.0) 0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.135b
PSQI [points, median (quartile)]1.0 (0.0~2.0)0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.034
HAMD [points, median (quartile)]0.0 (0.0~1.0) 0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.360b
HAMA [points, median (quartile)]0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.989b
MMSE [points, median (quartile)]0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.081b
MoCA [points, median (quartile)]0.0 (−1.0~0.0)0.0 (0.0~0.0)0.079b

Values are means ± standard for Student’s -test.
bValues are median (lower quartile, upper quartile) for the Kruskal-Wallis test.