Table 3: Saam acupuncture clinical case reports.


1964Eyelid edema17 days
1975Indigestion, HNP of lumbar32–5 days
1981Neurosis, duodenal ulcer214 days
1998Hyperemesis gravidarum115 days
2002Hwa-byung25 months
2002Wei symptom12 months
2002Oral dyskinesia11 month
2003Hemichorea-hemiballism18 days
2003Sequelae of CVA110 months
2003Hemorrhoid210 days
2003Fracture11 month
2004Lumbar compression fracture114 days
2004Insomnia203 days
2006Otitis media31 month
2007Tic disorder13 months
2008Knee strain11 week
2008Inflammatory acne12 months
2009Cancer pain12 months
2010Hearing loss1710 weeks
2011Foot coldness11 week
2012ALS15 days
2012Meniere’s disease13 weeks
2013Adnexal mass114 weeks
2013Calcific tendinitis of shoulder17 days
2013ALS185 days
2014Cancer1014 days
2014Chronic post-stroke hemiparesis71 month

: number, ALS: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, CVA: cerebrovascular accident, and HNP: herniated nucleus pulposus.