Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Effects of Kamishoyosan, a Traditional Japanese Kampo Medicine, on Pain Conditions in Patients with Intractable Persistent Dentoalveolar Pain Disorder

Table 1

Characteristics in 15 patients. Parafunctional activities comprise oral habitual movements (such as tongue habit, masticating on one side, lip/cheek biting, and swallowing) and bruxism (clenching, grinding, and tapping of teeth).

Age (years)SexDuration (month)PainPharmacological treatmentParafunctional activities

135F2Tooth painNSAIDs
237F6Tooth painNSAIDs and muscle relaxants+
340F1Tooth painNSAIDs
446F60Tooth painNSAIDs+
548F2Tooth painNSAIDs+
652F180Tooth painNSAIDs and antidepressants+
755F6Tooth painNSAIDs+
856F1Tooth painNSAIDs+
956F1Tooth painNSAIDs+
1064F48Tooth pain+
1164F12Tongue and alveolar boneMuscle relaxants and antidepressants+
1265F48Tooth pain+
1368F180Tooth painMuscle relaxants and antidepressants
1470F12Tooth painAntidepressants+
1576F192Tongue and alveolar boneMuscle relaxants and antidepressants+