Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Review Article

Overcome Cancer Cell Drug Resistance Using Natural Products

Table 4

Natural products that can overcome drug resistance and regulate multiple pathways.

Compound nameDosePathways1Cell modelChemodrugIDS2Reference

Single compound
 Arsenic trioxide0.8 μMMDR1 and GST-πSGC7901/ADRDoxorubicin2.1 [82]
 Berbamine20 μMMDR1 and survivinK562/A02Doxorubicin41.2[145]
 Carnosic acid25 μMMDR1 and Bcl-2K562/A02Doxorubicin12.1[146]
 Curcumin25 μMMRP and Bcl-2HL60/ADRDoxorubicin4.2[147]
 Emodin10 μMMRP1, Topo II b, GST-π, and Bcl-2HL60/ADRDoxorubicin4.1[148]
 Honokiol6.5 μg/mLMDR1 and NFkBU937/ADRDoxorubicin2.2[149]
 Methylether-scutellarein20 μg/mLABC and apoptosis genesJAR/VP16Various2.5–5.0[150]
 Quercetin10 μg/mLMDR1 and survivinA549/DDPCisplatin3.5[151]
 Quercetin40 μMABC, Bcl-2, and SLC genesK562/ADoxorubicin3.7[152]
 Quercetin40 μMMDR1, MRP, GST-π, and H-rasBel-FU5-Fluorouracil2.4[153]
 Schizandrin B10 μMMDR1, pPI3K, and pAKTU-2 OS/ADRVarious2.3–2.9[154]
 Schizandrin A50 μMMDR1 and GSHVariousVarious41.2–147.5[155]
 Sodium selenite10 μMMDR and Bcl-2K562/ADRDoxorubicin2.3[156]
 Tetrandrine1 μg/mLMDR1, survivin, and caspase-3BIU87/ADMDoxorubicin 5.3[157]
Herbal extract
Radix bupleuri300 μg/mLMDR1 and TopoIIαBel-7402Verapamil15.6[158]
 Grape seed polyphenols6 μg/mLMDR1 and Bcl-2GBC/SDVarious3.4–4.5[159]
 Tea polyphenols7.5 μg/mLMRP and Bcl-2HL60/VCRVarious2.3–9.1[160]

Levels of protein or mRNA or both were quantified.
IDS, increase in drug sensitivity (-fold).
IDS = IC50 in control group/IC50 in experimental group.