Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Effects of Vaccinium Berries on Serum Lipids: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Table 1

Characteristics of the 16 included studies.

TrialsCountrySubjectDesignSample size
(I/C dropouts)
Cranberry formDosage of anthocyanins ControlLength of study

Duthie et al. 2006 [29]UKHealthy subjectsParallel11/9 (0)Cranberry juice 2.1 mg/dPlacebo2 w

Valentová et al. 2007 [28]Czech RepublicHealthy womenParallel21/20/16 (8)Dried cranberry juice2.6 mg/d and 7.8 mg/dPlacebo4 w and 8 w

Wang et al. 2007 [30]TaiwanHealthy subjectsParallel20/20Cranberry vinegarNot statedPlacebo10 w

Lee et al. 2008 [31]Taiwan
Type 2 diabetesParallel15/15 (0)Cranberry capsuleNot statedPlacebo12 w

Basu et al. 2011 [32]USAWomen with metabolic syndromeParallel15/16 (5)Cranberry juice24.8 mg/dPlacebo8 w

Dohadwala et al. 2011 [33]USACoronary artery diseaseCrossover44 (3)Cranberry94 mg/dPlacebo4 w

Flammer et al. 2013 [34]USACardiovascular risk factorsParallel32/37 (15)Cranberry juice cocktail69.5 mg/dPlacebo8 w

Riso et al. 2013 [35]ItalyMen with cardiovascular risk factorsCrossover18 (2)Blueberry drink375 mgPlacebo6 w

Stull et al. 2010 [36]USAObese, insulin-resistantParallel15/17Blueberry smoothie668 mg/dPlacebo6 w

Basu et al. 2010 [37]USAObese, metabolic syndromeParallel25/23 (18)Blueberry beverage742 mg/dPlacebo8 w

Erlund et al. 2008 [38]USACardiovascular risk factorsParallel35/36 (1)Bilberry, lingonberry299 mg/dPlacebo8 w

Qin et al. 2009 [25]ChinaDyslipidemic subjectsParallel60/60Bilberry, blackcurrant320 mg/dPlacebo12 w

Zhu et al. 2013 [39]ChinaHypercholesterolemiaParallel73/73 (4)Bilberry, blackcurrant320 mg/dPlacebo24 w

Lankinen et al. 2014 [40]FinlandMetabolic syndromeParallel37/34Bilberry whole grain, fish Not stated Whole grain12 w

Kianbakht et al. 2014 [41]IranHyperlipidemiaParallel40/40 (25)Whortleberry7.35 mg/dPlacebo8 w

Soltani et al. 2014 [42]IranHyperlipidemiaParallel25/25 (4)Whortleberry90 mg/dPlacebo4 w

I: intervention group; C: control group.