Research Article

Downregulation of Spinal G Protein-Coupled Kinase 2 Abolished the Antiallodynic Effect of Electroacupuncture

Figure 3

The attenuation of spinal GRK2 completely eliminated the antiallodynic effect of EA treatment. (a, b) Intrathecal injection of GRK2 AS-ODN significantly reduced the expression of GRK2, while GRK2 MM-ODN injection did not alter the production of GRK2. (c, d) Single and repeated exposure of GRK2 AS-ODN completely reversed the increase in paw withdrawal threshold (PWT) by EA treatment in CFA-induced mechanical allodynia. But GRK2 MM-ODN did not change the PWT after EA treatment. (e, f) Reduction of GRK2 by GRK2 AS-ODN did not alter the PWT in normal rats during single and repeated exposure to GRK2 antisense oligodeoxynucleotide. The data are expressed as the mean ± SEM (, , and versus CFA group; #, ##, and ### versus CFA + GRK2 AS-ODN group).