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Chronic Treatment with a Water-Soluble Extract from the Culture Medium of Ganoderma lucidum Mycelia Prevents Apoptosis and Necroptosis in Hypoxia/Ischemia-Induced Injury of Type 2 Diabetic Mouse Brain

Figure 8

Effects of chronic pretreatment with MAK (1 g/kg) on expression of TNF-α gene expression after H/I. (a) Expression levels of TNF-α mRNA at 6 (after 6 h) or 24 h (after 24 h) of reoxygenation after H/I in the penumbral cortex from the mice in each group, determined by real-time RT-PCR analysis; in each group. , 0.01, 0.001 compared with the respective sham-operated groups. compared with the H/I-treated control group. The relative expression values of TNF-α mRNA were plotted versus those of RIP3 mRNA obtained from all individual penumbral cortices at 6 (b) and 24 h (c) of reoxygenation after H/I. The data were pooled from the control (open circles) and MAK-pretreated (closed circles) mice.
(b) After 6 h
(c) After 24 h