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The Effects of Mind-Body Interventions on Sleep Quality: A Systematic Review

Table 2

Mind-body intervention study findings for specific diseases or conditions.

Diagnoses, symptoms, conditionsModalities assessedPositive findingsMixed findingsNegative findings

Atopic dermatitisPMRBae, 2012NA,H/3

Cancer and cancer-related symptomsHypnosisCarnahan, 2010NA,U/1
MMNakamura, 2013Andersen, 2013NA,H/1
Nakamura, 2013A,H/1
Andersen, 2013
Lengacher, 2012NA,H/1
Shapiro, 2003A,H/3
M otherMilbury, 2013NA,U/1
MultipleCohen, 2007A/NA,U/1
Yang, 2010A/NA,U/1
PMRCannici, 1983NA,U/1
Ducloux, 2013NA,H/2
Qi qongChen, 2013NA,H/1
YogaCarson, 2009NA,H/2
Cohen, 2004A,U/1
Mustian, 2013NA,L/0
Vadiraja, 2009A,H/0
Dhruva, 2012NA,H/3Bower, 2012NA,H/1
Carson, 2009
Chandwani, 2010NA,H/2

Cardiovascular diseaseBiofeedbackDuivenvoorden, 1991A,U/1
GICasida, 2013NA,L/0
MultipleRichards, 1998A/NA,H/1
Tai chiYeh, 2008NA,U/1

Carpal syndromeYogaGarfinkel, 1998A,H/2

Chronic health conditionBiofeedbackYilmaz, 2010A,U/3
M otherRybarczuk, 1999, 2001NA,U/1

Chronic pain conditionsHypnosisPicard, 2013Abrahamsen, 2008A,H/2
Abrahamsen, 2009A,H/2
Castel, 2012A,H/1
Picard, 2013NA,U/1
MultipleCarlson, 2001NA,U/1
Chen, 2010NA,U/1
Carlson, 2001
Toussaint, 2012NA,H/1
Qi qongLynch, 2012NA,U/1Liu, 2012A,U/1
RelaxationGustavsson, 2006NA,L/0
ResseguierBongi, 2010NA,L/0
Tai chi Jones, 2012A,L/0

Critically illMultipleRichardson, 2003 NA,U/1

Depression and depressive disordersHypnosisBarabasz, 1976A,U/3
MMStotter, 2013NA,U/1 Britton, 2010NA,L/0
Britton, 2012NA,L/0
M otherChan, 2012A/NA,U/0 Pinniger, 2013A/NA,U/1
MultipleField, 2013NA,U/1
PMRWilson 1982A,U/1

ElderlyM otherWiriyasombat, 2011Wiriyasombat, 2011NA,L/0
MultipleSun, 2013A,H/1
Tai chiFrye, 2007NA,U/2
Irwin, 2008A,H/1
Li, 2004A,H/2
Nguyen, 2012NA,U/1
Frye, 2007A,U/2
Wang, 2010A,U/0
YogaChen, 2009NA,H/2
Chen, 2010NA,H/1
Hariprasad, 2013NA,U/0
Manjunath, 2005NA,U/2

Guillain-BarreMultipleSendhilkumar, 2013NA,L/0

Healthy volunteersBiofeedback Ebben, 2009NA,H/1, Lamontagne, 1975A,H/1
Lamontagne, 1977A/NA,H/3
HypnosisWhitehouse, 1996NA,U/3
MM Wolever, 2012NA,H/1 Malarkey, 2013A,H/1
MultipleSumter, 2009NA,U/2
TMTravis, 2009NA,L/0
YogaInnes, 2012A,L/0
Wolever, 2012NA,H/1
Sakuma, 2012NA,H/2

Hospital admissionPMRFrancis, 2012NA,U/0

Insomnia and sleep disordersBiofeedbackNicassio, 1982NA,H/2
VanderPlate, 1983A/NA,H/2
Levin, 1998A,U/3Freedman, 1976A,U/0
Hauri, 1981NA,H/1
Nicassio, 1982A,H/2
Sanavio, 1988A,H/2
GI Woolfolk, 1983Woolfolk, 1983NA,U/1
HypnosisStanton, 1989A,H/3
MMGross, 2011A,U/1
M otherSchoicket, 1988A,U/1
PMRBorkovec, 1976
Engle-Friedman, 1992NA,U/1
Espie, 1989A,U/1
Greeff, 1998NA,H/2
Lichstein, 1999NA,U/2
Lick, 1977A/NA,U/1
Nicassio, 1982NA,H/2
Borkovec, 1976A/NA,H/0
Wang, 2012A/NA,U/1
Waters, 2003NA,U/2
Edinger, 2001A,L/0
Engle-Friedman, 1992A,U/1
Espie, 1989
Freedman, 1976A,U/0
Lacks, 1983A,H/1
Woolfolk, 1983NA,U/1
Relaxation Rybarczyk, 2002NA,U/1Giblin, 1983NA,U/1
Rybarczyk, 2002A,U/1
YogaAfonso, 2012NA,U/0Afonso, 2012A,U/0

Perimenopause and menopauseYogaChattha, 2008A,U/1
Elavsky, 2007A/NA,H/1

Postmenopausal hot flashesHypnosisElkins, 2013A,H/1
Elkins, 2008NA,H/2
MMCarmody, 2011A,H/1Carmody, 2011
RelaxationLindh-Åstrand, 2013NA,U/1

PregnancyPMRField, 1999A,U/1

PTSD or veterans with insomnia symptomsHypnosisAbramowitz, 2008A,H/2
M otherNakamura, 2011A,U/1
TMBrooks, 1985A,U/1

Stress-related disordersYogaKlatt, 2009NA,U/2 Köhn, 2013NA,U/1

Surgeries/invasive proceduresGIRenzi, 2000NA,H/1
MMEsmer, 2010NA,U/1
Gross, 2010A,H/1
RelaxationRambod, 2013NA,U/1
YogaYurtkuran, 2007NA,L/0

TinnitusBiofeedbackHaralambous, 1987NA,U/1
PMRIreland, 1985NA,U/1

GI: guided imagery, MM: mindfulness mediation, M other: other type of mediation, Multiple: studies assessing multiple mind body modalities, PMR: progressive muscle relaxation, TM: transcendental meditation.
Superscript indices
A: active control and NA: nonactive control.
L: low risk of bias rating (Cochrane), U: unknown risk of bias rating (Cochrane), and H: high risk of bias rating (Cochrane).
0–3: quality scores provided by the authors with lowest score reflecting lowest risk of bias.
: reflecting only sustained outcome results if different from the immediate outcome results.

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