Figure 4: Flow cytometry scatter plots of immune cells from a representative mouse in each box (left) and graph (right) from the spleen or popliteal lymph node (pLN) of 8 mice with cancer treated with Therapeutic Touch (TT) compared to mice with cancer and mock treatments (CA) and mice that were PBS-injected without cancer (PBS). With TT treatment, % of CD44hiCD25+ were significantly decreased with TT treatment (TT) compared to PBS and CA (a). In (b) the % of CD44hiCD25− in the spleen was significantly decreased with TT (TT) compared to CA and the control (PBS). In (c) the % of CD44loCD25+ in the popliteal lymph nodes increased significantly with cancer (CA). With TT treatment (TT) these lymphocytes returned to levels comparable to those found in PBS-injected mice (PBS). In the spleen, TT treatment (TT) significantly increased the % of CD44loCD25− compared to CA and PBS (d). Finally, TT treatment (TT) significantly decreased the % of CD11b+ macrophages (TT) that were increased in the mock-treated cancer group (CA). Bars are means standard error of the means. mice per group.