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Review Article

Herbal Medicine for Hot Flushes Induced by Endocrine Therapy in Women with Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of 5 articles.

CountrynAgeComparison and sample sizeEndocrine therapyIntervention (usage, dosage, and duration)Treatment durationOutcomes and measurementDesign Results

Hernández Muñoz  and Pluchino  2003 [43]Venezuela13635–52(i) Intervention: Cimicifuga racemosa ()
(ii) Control:
no treatment group ()
TAM(i) CR BNO 1055 (one tablet corresponds to 20 mg of herbal drug Cimicifuga racemosa), one tablet twice daily (bid), 12 months
(ii) No treatment
12 months(i) Frequency & intensity of hot flushes measured by a diary and menopausal symptoms
(ii) Questionnaire
(iii) AEs measured by a self-report of events
Two-armed, randomised, and open study(i) Frequency and severity of hot flushes were reduced after intervention
(ii) Minor AEs events were reported

Jiang et al. 2012 [44]China6046.60 ± 5.51 versus 44.57 ± 6.99(i) Intervention: CHM Yishen Tiaogan Decoction ()
(ii) Control:
CHM Gengnianan ()
Not mentioned(i) kidney-reinforcing and liver-regulating formula bid (containing Shendi, Shanyao, Shanyurou, Danpi, Baihe, Baishao, Yujin, Foshou, Fuxiaomai, Muli, Nvzhenzi, Gancao, and Hanliancao)
(ii) Gengnian An capsule 0.3 g tid (containing Shenshudi, Zexie, Maidong, Yuanshen, Fuxiaomai, Danpi, Fuling, Zhenzhumu, Xianmao, Wuweizi, Cishi, Shouwuteng, Gouteng, and Zhishouwu)
8 weeks(i) Overall menopausal symptoms scores measured by reduction rate of Kupperman Index (KI) scores
(ii) Successful rate
(iii) Quality of life (QoL) measured by Karnofsky scores (KPS)
(iv) Hormone profile measured by hormone levels in serum
(v) AEs measured by full blood counts and liver and renal functions in serum and ECG
Two-armed, randomised, and
open study
(i) The main clinical symptoms were ameliorated after treatment, especially
(ii) The hectic fever and sweating and irritability

Li and Zuo  2009 [45]China6435.23 ± 5.33 versus 36.86 ± 4.98(i) Intervention: CHM Zhibo Dihuang Wan ()
(ii) Control: no treatment ()
TAM(i) Zhibai Dihuang Wan (containing Zhimu, Huangbai, Dihuang, Shanyurou, Danpi, Fuling, Zexie, and Shanyao)
8 wan (3 g) tid
(ii) No treatment
2 months(i) Overall menopausal symptoms scores measured by reduction rate of KI
(ii) Hormone profile measured by E2 and FSH in serum
(iii) Endometrium thickness measured by ultrasound scan
(iv) AEs measured by liver and renal functions, urine routine test, and full blood counts
Randomised single-blind study
(i) Improvements on flush, perspiration, insomnia, fatigue, and irritation, without obvious side effects

Sun et al.  2009 [46]China7345.9 ± 5.1
versus 46.4 ± 4.1
(i) Intervention: CHM Shugan Liangxue Decoction (n = 37)
(ii) Control: placebo (n = 36)
TAM(i) Shugan-Liangxue compound (containing Chaihu, Danpi, Baiwei, Baishao, Wuweizi, etc.) 100 mL daily
(ii) Placebo (Shanzha, bitter flavor)
3 weeks(i) Frequency and severity of hot flushes measured by KI
(ii) Sleep quality measured by a self-reported diary
(iii) AEs measured by a self-report, full blood counts, liver and renal function, and hormone levels
Double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled study(i) Effective in alleviating hot flashes and mi proving the condition of sleep

Zhang et al.  2000 [47]China6035–70(i) Intervention: CHM Ruxian 1# ()
(ii) Control: CHM Ruxian 2# ()
TAM(i) Formula based on principle of regulating liver Qi and tonifying kidney Yin, combined with formula based on principle of clearing heat and toxin
(ii) Formula based on principle of clearing heat and toxin
30 days(i) Hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms measured by indefinable tool
(ii) QoL measured by KPS
Randomised, parallel study(i) Symptoms such as flush, insomnia, night sweat, palpitation, depression, and heat sensation in the chest, palms, and soles were improved and QoL changed significantly