Research Article

Inhibitory Effect of Yongdamsagan-Tang Water Extract, a Traditional Herbal Formula, on Testosterone-Induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Rats

Figure 4

Effect of YSTE on cell proliferation in the prostate in BPH rats. (a) Total prostate protein (30 μg) was subjected to western blot analysis for identification of PCNA and cyclin D1 protein levels. The β-actin protein concentration was used as an internal control. (b) The number of Ki-67-positive cells in the prostate from BPH rats was determined by immunohistochemistry using anti-Ki-67 (magnification, ×200). NC, negative control; BPH, TP-induced BPH; Fin, administration of finasteride and s.c. injection of TP; YSTE-200, administration of 200 mg/kg/day of YSTE and s.c. injection of TP; YSTE-500, administration of 500 mg/kg/day of YSTE and s.c. injection of TP.