Research Article

Inhibitory Effect of Yongdamsagan-Tang Water Extract, a Traditional Herbal Formula, on Testosterone-Induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Rats

Figure 5

Effect of YSTE on oxidative stress in the prostate of BPH rats. MDA concentration (a) and GR activity (b) were measured in prostate homogenates. Values are presented as mean ± SD (). , compared with the NC group; and , compared with the BPH group. NC, negative control; BPH, TP-induced BPH; Fin, administration of finasteride and s.c. injection of TP; YSTE-200, administration of 200 mg/kg/day of YSTE and s.c. injection of TP; YSTE-500, administration of 500 mg/kg/day of YSTE and s.c. injection of TP.