Research Article

Colchicum autumnale in Patients with Goitre with Euthyroidism or Mild Hyperthyroidism: Indications for a Therapeutic Regulative Effect—Results of an Observational Study

Table 2

Characterisation of patients.

Group 1Group 2Groups 1 and 2


Age (years) median (quartiles)63 (38 to 73) 44 (35.3 to 57.8)49.5 (38 to 71.8)

Sonographic thyroid volume (mL)27.7 27 27.1
Median (quartiles)(19.5 to 57.2)(23.1 to 42.1)(21.3 to 43.7)

Diffuse goitre11
Nodular goitre121123

Subclinical hyperthyroidism99

No concomitant diseases459
Concomitant diseases8715
 Of circulatory system549
 Of respiratory system415
 Of gastrointestinal system415
 Of muscular-skeletal system 011
 Of endocrine and metabolic system123
 Of blood and hemopoietic organs101
 Of gynaecological system101
 Of nervous system235
 Psychiatric and behavioural disorders134
 Of ophthalmic system022

No concomitant medication459
Concomitant medication8715
 Conventional medical treatment358
  Further antihypertensive agents336
 Herbal preparations011
 Homeopathic/anthroposophic medication538