Research Article

Colchicum autumnale in Patients with Goitre with Euthyroidism or Mild Hyperthyroidism: Indications for a Therapeutic Regulative Effect—Results of an Observational Study

Table 3

Patient reported effects.

Group 1Group 2Groups 1 and 2

No reported effects5 (42%)3 (25%)8 (33%)

Positive reported effects6 (50%)8 (75%)14 (63%)
 More inner calm and equilibrium4812
 Less of feeling a lump in one’s throat167
 Less tachycardia112
 Less depressive22
 Better concentration112
 Others (one each: decreased hair loss, more weight, more active, and voice more clear)224

Negative reported effects1,22 (16%)2 (16%)4 (16%)

One patient in group 1 and two in group 2 reported negative and positive effects.
Reported negative effects diminished after elevation of potency (3 patients) or stopping medication (1x).