Research Article

Synergistic Effect of Ferulic Acid and Z-Ligustilide, Major Components of A. sinensis, on Regulating Cold-Sensing Protein TRPM8 and TPRA1 In Vitro

Figure 5

Effect of ferulic acid, Z-ligustilide, or their combination on cold-induced upregulation of TRPM8. (a) and (b) show effects of different concentration of ferulic acid and Z-ligustilide on inhibiting trpm8 gene expression. (c) shows isobolograms of combination of ferulic acid with Z-ligustilide. Combination index (CI) values calculated by Calcusyn software were all below points, which indicate synergism.Significant difference between control group versus cold-stimulation group.Significant difference between groups versus cold-stimulation group.