Table 1: Characteristics of the included studies for the use of CHM as an adjunct for chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.

StudyNumber of participants/dropoutsTNM stageDuration (weeks)Control group interventionsCHM interventionsOutcome(s)Jadad scale score

Dang and Wang 2010 [22]48/0I–III9CTFAidi injectionTumor response, cardiotoxicity, KPS, and chemotoxicity3
Barton et al. 2013 [23]210/44 I–IV52TE/TECGinkgo BilobaCognitive dysfunction5
Fang 2009 [24]60/0III/IV3CTFShenqi Wuweizi pillTumor response, KPS, and chemotoxicity3
Fu and Kou 2007 [25]88/0IV8NPAidi injectionTumor response, KPS, chemotoxicity, and median survival 3
Hong et al. 2014 [26]91/7II–IV18TECXihuang pillTumor response, KPS, and overall survival3
Huang et al. 2003 [27]66/0II–IV4CMFBazhen decoctionKPS and chemotoxicity3
Huang et al. 2007 [28]60/0IV6CTFJianpi Xiaoji decoctionTumor response, KPS, and immune system3
Huang et al. 2008 [29]60/0III/IV6CTFShenqi Fuzheng injectionTumor response, KPS, and chemotoxicity3
Huang et al. 2013 [30]60/0IV18–24CEFHuangqi injectionTumor response, KPS, chemotoxicity, and median survival3
Li et al. 2003 [31]101/0I–III6~9CMFRukang I prescriptionTumor response, KPS, and chemotoxicity3
Li and Gong 2006 [32]52/0I–III9CEFAidi injectionTumor response and chemotoxicity3
Lu 2010 [33]60/0III/IV6CAFHuangqi injectionTumor response3
Lv et al. 2014 [34]54/0IV12–16FACYiqi Huoxue Huayu decoctionTumor response, KPS, chemotoxicity, and immune system 3
Ni 2006 [35]57/0 IV13Docetaxel + THPGaolisheng injectionTumor response and chemotoxicity3
Pérol et al. 2012 [36]430/27 I–IV8–12FACCocculineChemotherapy-induced emesis5
Qi 2010 [37]40/0II–IV6TEYiqi Yangxue Shugan decoctionTumor response, KPS, quality of life, and chemotoxicity3
Qin 2013 [38]78/0I–IV21CAFFuzheng Qiqi Jiedu decoctionKPS3
Semiglazov et al. 2006 [39]352/21 I–III16–24CMFMistletoe extractQuality of life5
Shen 2007 [40]100/0IV6NVB + THPAiyishu injectionTumor response and KPS3
Sun et al. 2010 [41]86/0II–IV3CAF/ACZaofan pillChemotoxicity3
Wang 2007 [42]60/0II-III9CEFTaohong Siwu decoctionQuality of life and chemotoxicity3
Wang 2010 [43]40/0II–IV8TEYiqijianpi Huayujiedu decoctionTumor response, quality of life, and chemotoxicity3
Wen et al. 2010 [44]60/0IV3TAFuzheng Xiaoyan prescriptionTumor response, quality of life, chemotoxicity, and immune system3
Xiong 2012 [45]48/0IV6NVB + CAPFuzhengxiaoji decoctionTumor response and KPS3
Yang 2004 [46]59/0IV6NVB + THPAidi injectionTumor response, KPS, and immune system3
Yang et al. 2008 [47]59/4 III B-IV6–8NPGuben Yiliu II decoctionTumor response and KPS3
Yi et al. 2008 [48]60/0IV12DOXGinkgo BilobaCardiotoxicity3
Zhang et al. 2010 [49]80/0 I/II/III18CEFHuangqi Taohong decoctionImmune system3
Zhang et al. 2011 [50]45/0III-IV6CTFFuzheng Quyu Jiedu prescriptionImmune system and quality of life 3
Zhang and Li 2013 [51]96/0II-III3-4CTFTiaogan Jianpi prescriptionTumor response3
Zhong 2009 [52] 40/0I–IV6TEShugan Tiaoli Chongren decoctionQuality of life, KPS, and chemotoxicity3

KPS: Karnofsky performance score.