Table 5: Comparison to studies on ketogenic diet in patients with refractory epilepsy.

Treatment Number Median ageat start of treatmentResponse rateRetention rate
At 3 monthsAt 6 monthsAt 12 months At 3 months At 6 months At 12 months
>50% reduction††Seizure-free>50% reduction††Seizure-free>50% reduction††Seizure-free

Our studySGT5416.5 months68.5%35.2%44.4%24.1%22.2%14.8%81.5%53.7%22.2%
Kang et al., 2005 [18]Ketogenic diet19957.9 months61.8%35.2%57.8%33.2%41.2%25.1%87.9%68.3%45.7%
Sharma et al., 2009 [19]Ketogenic diet272.5 years59.3%11.1%48.1%14.8%37.0%18.5%88.9%55.6%37.0%
Suo et al., 2013 [20]Ketogenic diet31739.6 months35.0%20.8%26.2%13.6%18.6%10.7%62.8%42.0%24.3%

Mean age.
⁢>50% reduction included seizure-free cases.
SGT, Shihogyejitang.