Research Article

Calycosin and Formononetin Induce Endothelium-Dependent Vasodilation by the Activation of Large-Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels (BKCa)

Figure 4

Calycosin and formononetin induced NO production via eNOS and nNOS pathways in HUVEC. (a, b) NO level was determined by a NO assay kit. HUVEC was incubated with DMSO, calycosin (1–100 μM), or formononetin (1–100 μM) for 1 h (). (c, d) Representative immunoblots and graphs for the protein expressions of eNOS, phosphorylation of eNOS, nNOS, iNOS, or GAPDH after (c) calycosin (1–100 μM) or (d) formononetin (1–100 μM) treatment for 1 h ( = 3-4). Data were shown as mean ± SEM. , versus untreated cells.