Table 4: Estimate effects of herbal medicines for metabolic syndrome: differences of values before and after treatment.


Dia-NoAgrawal et al., 2008 [13]+0.02−0.18−41.15NR−10.59+1.12−2.29−1.23
Yiqi Huaju RecipeChen et al., 2014 [14]−4.68−1.51−7.02−29.34−7.12+1.93−11.32−6.5
Daotan decoctionZhang et al., 2014 [15]−2.98−0.49−2.52NR−28.48+2.32−7.43−2.28
Gegen Shanzha decoctionXu et al., 2014 [16]−5.31−2.69−21.42NR−99.68+18.91−19.66−10.5
Xuefu Zhuyu decoctionLi, 2014 [17]NRNRNRNRNRNRNRNR
Qinggan Jiangtang tabletWang et al., 2005 [18]NRNR−28.8−52.2−12.46+2.70−7.5−2.9
Modified Banxia Baizhu Tianma decoctionLiu et al., 2008 [19]−0.91−0.74−7.02−19.08−23.14+7.72−4.38−3.23
Pinggan Jiangya pillZhang et al., 2010 [20]−7.81−2.95NRNRNRNR−28.00−14.33
Huanglian Wendan decoctionGuan et al., 2012 [21]NR−1.95−27.54NR−62.3+11.19−10.73−8.24
Xueguan Ruanhua decoctionDong, 2012 [22]NRNR−6.12NR−30.26+15.83−8.75−9.33
Shengjiangtongmai powderCui and Wie, 2014 [23]NR−2.52−82.08NR−89.89NR3015
Shenling Jianpihuashi decoctionDanyang Zhao and Danun Zhao, 2015 [24]−7.2−2.7−16.2−34.2−71.2+3.86−11.6−9.3

Significant difference between intervention and control group ().
Significant difference before and after treatment ().
WC: waist circumference; BMI: body mass index; FPG: fasting plasma glucose; 2 hPG: 2-hour postprandial glucose; TG: triglycerides; HDL-C: high density lipoprotein cholesterol; SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure.