Table 1: Summary of methodology.

StepGeneral activitiesSpecific activities

Step Configuration of a working group Selection of three operators skilled in clinical nutrition:
(i) One as methodological operator
(ii) Two as clinical operators

Step Formulation of the revision questionEvaluation of the state of the art in metabolic and nutritional disorders of sarcopenia and their treatment with botanicals

Step Identification of relevant studies on PubMed(a) Identification of the key words (sarcopenia, nutrients, and dietary supplement), allowing the definition of the interest field of the documents to be searched, grouped in inverted commas (“…”), and used separately or in combination
(b) Use of the Boolean (a data type with only two possible values: true and false) AND operator, which allows the establishment of logical relations among concepts
(c) Research modalities: advanced search
(d) Limits: papers published in the last 20 years; in vitro, animal, and humans studies; languages: English
(e) Manual search performed by the senior researchers experienced in clinical nutrition through the revision of reviews and individual articles on sarcopenia in the elderly, published in journals qualified in the Index Medicus

Step Analysis and presentation of the outcomesThe data extrapolated from the revised studies was investigated in the form of a narrative review of the reports and was collocated in tables