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Paeoniflorin and Albiflorin Attenuate Neuropathic Pain via MAPK Pathway in Chronic Constriction Injury Rats

Figure 3

Effects of PF and AF on activation of microglia and astrocytes in the spinal cord dorsal horn of CCI rats. Spinal microglia and astrocytes activation were observed by immunohistochemistry using microglia marker Iba-1 and astrocyte marker GFAP, respectively. ((a)–(d)) Representative photographs of spinal cord dorsal horn sections of immunofluorescent labeling Iba-1 at 11th (a) and 15th (b) day after CCI surgery and immunofluorescent labeling GFAP at 11th (c) and 15th (d) day after CCI surgery. (e) Quantification of Iba-1 immunoreactivity. (f) Quantification of GFAP immunoreactivity. Results are presented as a fold of Sham control. Data were expressed as mean ± SE and -6 rats/group. and compared with the Sham group. compared with the CCI group.