Figure 3: Results of EORTC QLQ-C30. Twenty-six patients in the TCM group (inpatients) and 47 in the control group (outpatients) were compared; 4 inpatients and 3 outpatients who did not receive chemotherapy were excluded from the analysis. The abscissas represent time of visit; the ordinates represent mean score for each scale/item. The trends of change over time in each scale/item were compared between groups by generalized estimating equation (GEE). Statistical significance was assumed at . The results showed better physical functioning (a) () and emotional functioning (b) () as well as lower incidence of dyspnea (c) () and fewer financial difficulties (d) () for inpatients compared with outpatients. Group O, outpatient (control) group; group I, inpatient (TCM) group; V1, visit 1; V2, visit 2; V4, visit 4; and V7, visit 7.