Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

The Therapeutic Effects of the Chinese Herbal Medicine, Lang Chuang Fang Granule, on Lupus-Prone MRL/lpr Mice

Table 1

LCF granule treatment reduced spleen and thymus coefficients in MRL/lpr mice.

GroupsSpleen coefficient 
(g/100 g)
Thymus coefficient 
(g/100 g)

MRL/lpr0.533 0.0570.320 0.027
HCQ0.437 0.0340.282 0.014
LCP0.395 0.0270.273 0.019
LCF Low0.453 0.0270.261 0.025
LCF Medium0.423 0.0330.232 0.020
LCF High0.387 0.0300.289 0.016

MRL/lpr: lupus model group; HCQ: hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablet group; LCP: Langchuang Pill group; LCF Low: low dose of LCF granule group (0.97 g/kg/d); LCF Medium: medium dose of LCF granule group (1.95 g/kg/d); LCF High: high dose of LCF granule group (3.90 g/kg/d). Data are expressed as means SDs, . P < 0.05 versus MRL/lpr.