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Systems Pharmacology Based Study of the Molecular Mechanism of SiNiSan Formula for Application in Nervous and Mental Diseases

Table 1

High correlation diseases with potential targets of SNS formula.

Disease name Related targets (gene) symbolMeSH classDegree

Autistic disorderAPC, PRF1, HTR1D, CHRNA7, OXTR, DRD3, DHCR7, XDH, AR, CHRNA4, HTR3A, HTR2A, HTR2C, IGFBP3, KCNMA1, MAOBMental disorder18
SchizophreniaCHRNA7, CYP2D6, NOS1, BCHE, HRH1, HTR2A, HTR3A, NR3C1, OXTR, DRD3, GSK3B, MC4R, HTR2C, KCNMA1, MAOB, GRIN2B, CYP1A2Mental disorder18
EpilepsyUGT2B7, GRIN2B, SV2A, CYP1A1, ABCG2, CHRM2, CYP2C9, CYP2A6, HRH1, OPRM1, ADRA2A, CHRNA4, BDKRB1, CHRNA7, CYP2D6, BCHENervous system diseases17
Peripheral nervous system diseasesALOX12, PARP2, CYP1A2, SLC10A2, TLR4, CCL5, UGT2B7, TRPC4, ESR1, SRD5A2, SRD5A1, ELOVL6, CES1, ABCC1, CYP24A1, POLBNervous system diseases17
ObesityMLNR, MCHR1, CES1, STS, PTPN1, BCHE, HTR2C, ACACB, MC4R, MMP9, ESRRA, CCK, HTR2A, ESR1, KCNMA1Nutritional and metabolic diseases16
PainHRH1, BDKRB1, OPRK1, CHRNA4, CHRNA7, GRIN2B, F2R, OPRM1, CHRM4, P2RX3, CNR2, CHRM2Nervous system diseases13
SeizuresOPRM1, CHRNA7, CHRNA4, DRD3, CCK, CYP1A1, HCN1, NOS1, SIGMAR1, BCHE, OPRK1Nervous system diseases12
AtherosclerosisTLR4, HRH1, F3, ESR1, ALOX5, NR1H2, CNR2, LTA4H, CES1, PLA2G2A, MMP9Vascular diseases12
HypertensionHTR2B, NR3C1, HSD11B2, CYP3A4, CYP1A1, ADCY5, ABCC1, ADRA2A, AR, ATP1A1, EDNRAVascular diseases12
Diabetes mellitus, type 2PYGM, GAA, CYP2C9, TNFRSF1A, EDNRB, CYP1A2, PTPN1, EDNRA, KCNQ1, ADCY5Nutritional and metabolic diseases12
HyperalgesiaALOX12, P2RX3, OPRM1, CNR2, ALOX5, NOS1, DRD3, HTR2A, BDKRB1, GRIN2BNervous system diseases11
Alzheimer diseaseHTR2A, ESR1, GSK3B, BCHE, CYP2D6, CALM1, MAPT, CHRNA7, APPNervous system diseases10
Heart failureNR3C2, XDH, NOX4, GSK3B, ATP2A1, ADRA2A, ATP1A1, TNFRSF1A, HTR2BHeart diseases10
Myocardial infarctionABCG2, GSK3B, CYP1A2, LTA4H, CYP2C9, NR3C2, HSD11B2, ESR1, MMP9Heart diseases10

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