Research Article

Identification of Centella asiatica’s Effective Ingredients for Inducing the Neuronal Differentiation

Figure 2

75-4 induces the neurite outgrowth of cultured PC12 cells. 75-4 (0.216 mg/mL) was applied into cultured PC12 cells for 72 h, with fresh medium or 75-4 every 24 h. NGF (50 ng/mL) served as the positive control. Cells were fixed with ice-cold 4% paraformaldehyde, and then the neurite outgrowth was examined under microscope. To quantify the differentiation effect, length of neurite (a) and the percentage of differentiated cell numbers (b) were counted as described in Materials and Methods. Data are expressed as the percentage of cells in 100 counted cells, mean ± SEM, , pooled from five independent experiments. Statistical comparison was made with the control; ; ; .