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The Versatile Effects of Dihydromyricetin in Health

Table 1

The biological activities of dihydromyricetin.

Cell types/animalsBiological activitiesRef

Mesenchymal stem cellsRadical scavenging↑[8]
Cardiac fibroblastROS↓; MDA↓; ; SOD↑; thioredoxin↑; total anti-oxidant capacity↑; proliferation↓; collagen synthesis↓[10]
CardiomyocyteROS↓; MDA↓; NO↓; ; SOD↑; total anti-oxidant capacity↑; cGMP↑; hypertrophy↓[11]
Ratsmotor dysfunction↓; learning and memory impairments↓; MDA↓; glucose metabolism↑; SOD↑; Bcl-2↑; Bax↓; Cleaved Caspase-3↓[12]
Rats and HT-22 cellsPGC-1α↑; TFAM↑; SIRT3↑; FOXO3 deacetylation↑; ROS↓; synaptic plasticity↑; oxidative stress↓; mitochondrial function↑[13]
HK-2 cellsMDA↓; CAT↑; SOD↑; Bcl-2↑; IL-1β↓; IL-6↓; TNF-α↓; MCP-1↓[14]
MG63 cellsROS↓; caspase-3↓; caspase-9↓[15]
HUVECsROS↓; p53↓; Bcl-2↑; Bax↓; caspase-3↓; caspase-9↓; PARP↓[16]
ox-LDL↓; IL-6↓; TNF-α↓; PPARα↑; LXRα↑; ABCA1↑; lipid accumulation↓; ROS↓; NO2↓[17]
C57BL/6 miceNrf2/HO-1↑; CYP2E1↓; p62↑; Keap1↓; LC3-II↑; Beclin 1↑[18]
RAW2264.7IKKβ↓; p-IKKα/β↓; p-p65↓; COX-2↓; iNOS↓[19]
p-NF-κB↓; p-p38↓; p-JNK↓[20]
HeLa cellsp-IκBα↓; p-p65↓; TRAF2↓; RIP1↓; c-IAP2↓; Bcl-2↓; TRAF1↓; iNOS↓; cyclin D1↓; COX-2↓; ICAM-1↓; MMP-9↓; VEGF↓[21]
MouseIL-4↓; IL-5↓; IL-13↓; IgE↓; IgG1↓[22]
HepG2 cellsROS↓; GSH↓; ATP↓; caspase-9↑; caspase-8↑; caspase-3↑; HO-1↑; BAK↑; Bcl-2↓[23]
p-Akt-Ser473↓; p-Bad-Ser112/Ser136↓; Bax↑; Bad↑[24]
TGFβ↓; p53↑; Bcl-2↓[25]
AMPK↑; p-ERK1/2↓; p-Akt↓; mTOR↓; autophagy↑[26]
Hepal-6 cellsTGFβ/Smad3↓; NOX4/ROS↓[27]
SK-Hep-1 cellsMMP-9↓; p-p38↓; p-ERK1/2↓; p-JNK↓; PKC-δ[28]
A2780; SKOV3p53↑; survivin↓[29]
HCT116/L-OHPMRP2↓; erythroid 2 p45 related factor 2↓[30]
Osteosarcomap21↑; AMPKα-GSK-3β-Sox2↑[31]
SK-MEL-28 cellsp21↑; p53↑; cdc2↓; p-cdc-2↓; cdc25A↓; Bax↑; IKKα↓; p65↓; p-p38↓[32]
HepG2; Hep3BChk1/Chk2/cdc25C↑[33]
Gastric cancer cellp53↓; Bcl-2↑[34]
NSCLCROS↑; ERK1/2↑; JNK1/2↑[35]
SK-MEL-28ROS↑; p-NF-κB↑[36]
Diabetic miceBeclin1↑; Atg7↑; Bcl-2↑; LC3 II/LC3 I↑; p62↓; caspase-3/-9↓; p-AMPK↑; p-ULK1↑[37]
Liver I/R injuryBECN1↑; LC3↑; Atg5↑; Atg12↑; FOXO3a↑[38]
HNSCCROS↑; STAT3↑; Beclin1↑; LC3↑; p62↑[39]
Diabetic fatty ratsp-PPARγ-Ser273↓; ERK/CDK5↓; insulin resistance↓[40]
C2C12 myotubesp-IRS-1↑; p-AKT↑; AMPK-PGC-1α-Sirt3↑; autophagosomes↑[41, 42]
AMPK↑; PGC-1α↑; FNIP1↓[43]
LDLr−/− miceox-LDL↓; IL-6↓; TNF-α↓; PPARα↑; LXRα↑; ABCA1↑; hyperlipidemia↓; foam cell↓; cholesterol efflux↓[17]
Rats; humansirisin↑; FNDC5↑; PGC-1α[44]
AD ratsmiR-34a↓; p53/p21↓; Sirt1↑; p-mTOR-Ser2448↑; autophagy↑[45]
PD ratsROS↓; GSK-3β[46]
LPS-induced rat kidneyblood urea nitrogen↓; molecule-1↓; MDA↓; apoptosis↓[47]
Rat liverJNK↑; inflammation↓; apoptosis↓; proliferation↑[48]
B16F10MAPK↓; cAMP/PKA↓; PKC↓; CREB↓; MITF↓[49]
Ratsglucose uptake↑; GLU1↑; Krebs↑; insulin resistance↓; CS↑; SDHA↑; DLST↑; serine↓; leucine↓; asparagine↓; SSA↓; 5-L-glutamyl-alanine↓; L-methylhistidine↓; p-IRS-Ser612↓; Akt↑; AMPK↑; GSK-3β↓; G6Pase↓; PEPCK↓[50]
L02; HepG2 cellsTG↓; TC↓; ROS↓; AMPK↑; AKT↑; PPARγ[51]
Humansglucose↓; LDL-C↓; GGT↓; alanine↓; AST↓; Apo B↓; TNF-α↓; CK-18 fragment↓; FGF21↓[52]
Rats; H9c2PI3K/Akt↑; HIF1α↑; Bcl-2↑; Bcl-XL↑; Bax↓; Bnip3↓; cleaved caspase-3/-9↓; cytochrome c[53]
PC12 cellsoxidative stress↓; calcium overload↓; p-AMPKα[54]

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