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The Efficacy and Safety of Shen Guo Lao Nian Granule for Common Cold of Qi-Deficiency Syndrome: Study Protocol for a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter, Phase II Clinical Trial

Table 2

TCM symptoms of common cold and symptom score.

None = 0Mild = 2Moderate = 4Severe = 6

Main symptom(1) Aversion to coldNoneSlight aversion to cold, do not need to add clothAversion to cold, need to add clothAversion to cold, need to add thick cloth, or bedding
Stuffy and running noseNoneMild nasal congestion, runny nose occasionally, not affecting respirationNasal congestion, runny nose, affecting breathingObvious nasal congestion, running nose, mouth breathing
(2) FatigueNoneLack of energy, not resistant to labor,  
(slight heavier than usual)
Mental weariness, slightly affecting daily activities  
(heavier than usual)
Limb weakness, cannot support daily activities  
(much heavier than usual)
Short of breathNoneShortness of breath after labor  
(slight heavier than usual)
Shortness of breath after slight labor  
(heavier than usual)
Obvious shortness of breath when resting  
(much heavier than usual)

SymptomNone = 0Mild = 1Moderate = 2Severe = 3

Secondary symptomFeverNone37.3–37.5°C37.6–37.9°C≧38.0°C
Sore throatNoneDry throat with slight painSignificant with obvious pain when swallowingSore and swollen throat with severe pain
HeadacheNoneSlight and occasionallySevere and lastingSevere and affect working
CoughNoneOccasionally in daytime, not affecting daily lifeOccasionally day and night, slightly affecting sleepFrequent cough day and night, affecting rest and sleep
ExpectorationNoneStick sputum, not easy to cough outStick or yellow sputumStick or yellow sputum with large volume
Spontaneous perspirationNoneYes (severe than usual)
Tongue and pulse Tongue colorPale □ Red □Others
Tongue coatThin white □ Thin yellow □Others

represent the severity of symptoms. #The score of tongue and pulse will not be recorded.

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