Figure 10: Transfection of SOCS-3 gene into JAR trophoblasts. RT-PCR analysis of SOCS-3 mRNA expression after treatment with 10% of control serum (a) and 10% Kidney-replenishing herb (b). M: marker; lane 1: SOCS-3 expression which was detectable in untransfected cells; lane 2: cells transfected with liposome; lanes 3: cells transfected with PRK5; lanes 4: cells transfected with pRNAT-U6, and lanes 5: cells transfected with SOCS-3-PRK51 at 48 h. (c) JAR cells proliferation was measured by using flow cytometry; trophoblast cells proliferation was increased after SOCS-3 overexpression. versus untransfected cells.