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Review Article

Add-On Therapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine Improves Outcomes and Reduces Adverse Events in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Table 1

Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis.

StudyNumber of casesControl regimenChemo
TCM interventionTCM duration (days)HCC
Randomized method

Huang et al. 2001 [20]3230Palliatively supporting therapyNoneJianpi Xiaoji oral liquid30III, IVA, B, C≥60Random number table
Huang et al. 2009 [21]4037TACE1~2Ganji decoction28~42II, IIIA, B≥60Random number table
Li et al. 2008 [22]5046TACE2~7Chinese toad bufotoxin injection28~112OkudaI, II, IIIA, B≥60Sealed envelopes
Li et al. 2013 [23]3122TACE3Hydroxycamptothecin and Chinese herbal compound84II, IIINANARandom number table
Li et al. 2016 [24]2626TACENAAidi injection30III, IVNA30~60Random number table
Lin et al. 2005 [25]5233TACE2Hydroxycamptothecin and Shentao Ruangan pill56II, IIIA, B≥60Randomized block
Ling et al. 2001 [26]162151TACE/PEINASisheng decoction/Chinese toad bufotoxin injection/norcantharidin tabletsIrregularII, IIINANASealed envelopes
Liu 2011 [27]3230Palliatively supporting therapyNoneChinese herbal compound21III, IVA, B, C≥60Random number table
Liu and Lü 2016 [28]5353TACE + PMCT3Chinese herbal compound90~135NAA, BNARandom number table
Lu 2008 [29]6969TACENAAidi injection20NANA60~90Draw method
Lü et al. 2014 [30]6363TACENAShenyi capsules60NANA60~90Random number table
Min and Zhou 2011 [31]2322Palliatively supporting therapyNoneChinese herbal compound84II, IIIA, B72 ± 8Random number table
Ren and Cheng 2004 [32]10468TACENAChinese herbal compound≥90II, IIINANARandom number table
Shao et al. 2001 [33]3030TACE2~10Chinese herbal compound180~300II, IIINANAAccording to hospitalized date
Shi and Tang 2013 [34]4256TACENAKang’ai injection and Carapacis Trionycis Bolus56NAA, B≥60Random number table
Tian et al. 2008 [35]4948TACENAChinese herbal compound28II, IIIA, B≥60Randomized block, single blind
Xie et al. 2014 [36]3434TACENAChinese herbal compound40NAA, B≥60Draw method
Yang et al. 2011 [37]3030TACENAAidi injection30NAA, B, C≥70Sealed envelopes
Yi et al. 2008 [38]2823TACE3Kang’ai injection45II, IIINA≥60Sealed envelopes
Zhong et al. 2014 [39]6060HepatectomyNoneChinese herbal compound365I~IIIaA, BNASealed envelopes

TACE, transcatheter arterial chemoembolization; PEI, percutaneous ethanol injection; PMCT, percutaneous microwave coagulation therapy; KPS, Karnofsky performance status.