Research Article

Boi-ogi-to (TJ-20), a Kampo Formula, Suppresses the Inflammatory Bone Destruction and the Expression of Cytokines in the Synovia of Ankle Joints of Adjuvant Arthritic Rats

Figure 1

Time course of the suppressive effects of TJ-20 on the clinical parameters of AA rats. AA rats were given TJ-20 according to schedule I (filled triangles), II (open squares), or III (open triangles) or given distilled water (closed circle) orally once a day after adjuvant injection (AA rats). Rats injected with mineral oil alone and given TJ-20 (open circle) served as controls. The hind paw swelling (a) and body weight gain (b) were measured at 1-week intervals. TJ-20 administered according to schedules I and II significantly ameliorated the progression of AA. Data are the mean ± SD for 6 rats in each group. Asterisks indicate a statistically significant difference from AA rats (, ).