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Review Article

The Immediate Analgesic Effect of Acupuncture for Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of randomized controlled trials.

Study, yearCountryDisease (M/F)Mean   
(points; duration time)
ControlTime point after
treatment for assessment

Chen and Li [30]
ChinaRenal colic51 (39/12)39.72 (12.23)EA (KI5, GB25, BL63, RN3, tender points; 30 minutes)Intramuscular Fortanodyn injection10 minVAS

Inoue et al. [31]
JapanLow back pain31 (21/10)69.03 (7.06)MA (one most painful point; 20 seconds)Nonpenetrating SAImmediatelyVAS

Inoue et al. [32]
JapanLow back pain26 (14/12)72.20 (7.62)MA ( two to five tender points; 20 seconds)Local dibucaine injectionImmediatelyVAS

Liu et al. [33]
ChinaDysmenorrhea501 (0/501)22.40 (2.80)EA (SP6; 30 minutes)() EA at unrelated point
() EA at SP

Lu et al. [34]
ChinaKnee OA20 (unclear)63.85 (5.95)EA (GB34, SP9, SP10, ST34, ST36; 30 minutes)Sham EA at SPsImmediatelyVAS

Mejuto Vázquez et al. [35]
SpainNeck pain17 (8/9)24.53 (5.54)DN (MTrPs; 25–30 seconds)No treatment10 minNRS

Maeda et al. [36]
USACTS59 (10/49)49.1 (9.8)EA (PC7, TW5 or SP6, LI4; more than 5 minutes)Nonpenetrating SAImmediatelyVAS

Nabeta and Kawakita [37]
JapanNeck and shoulder pain34 (10/24)32.5 (11.37)MA (two to twelve tender points; 5 minutes)Nonpenetrating SAImmediatelyVAS

Shin et al. [38]
KoreaLow back pain58 (34/24)38.31 (7.97)Motion style acupuncture (DU16, LR2, LI11; 30 minutes)Local diclofenac sodium injection30 minNRS

Stival et al. [39]
BrazilFibromyalgia36 (5/31)50.83 (9.51)MA (PC6, HT7, SP6, LI4, LR2, ST36; 20 minutes)Penetrating at SPsImmediatelyVAS

Su et al. [40]
ChinaLow back pain60 (35/25)39.6 (12.71)MA (two ankle points; 30 minutes)Nonpenetrating SAImmediatelyVAS

Yang et al. [41]
ChinaSore throat74 (37/37)28.87 (13.78)MA (LI4; removing the needle after eliciting the sensation)Penetrating at SP1 minVAS

Zhang et al. [42]
ChinaMigraine110 (52/58)24.50 (3.03)EA (GB20, SJ5, GB8, GB34; 30 minutes)Penetrating at SPsImmediatelyNRS

Notes.Mean (standard deviation); CTS: carpal tunnel syndrome; DN: dry needling; EA: electroacupuncture; F: female; M: male; MA: manual acupuncture; : number; SA: sham acupuncture; SP: sham acupoint.

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