Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2017 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Investigating the Mechanisms of Action of Depside Salt from Salvia miltiorrhiza Using Bioinformatic Analysis

Table 3

Pathways enriched for the genes separately involved in module 1 and module 2 (top 10 listed).


Module 1hsa04668:TNF signaling pathway12PIK3CG, FOS, IL6, CCL2, MAP2K1, JUN, CREB1, NFKB1, MAPK8, BIRC3, IKBKB, BIRC2
hsa05161:Hepatitis B11PIK3CG, FOS, IL6, MAP2K1, GRB2, JUN, BCL2, CREB1, NFKB1, MAPK8, IKBKB
hsa04660:T cell receptor signaling pathway10PIK3CG, FOS, MAP2K1, GRB2, JUN, LCK, ZAP70, NFKB1, IKBKB, IL2
hsa04380:Osteoclast differentiation10PIK3CG, FOS, MAP2K1, GRB2, JUN, CREB1, LCK, NFKB1, MAPK8, IKBKB
hsa05200:Pathways in cancer13PIK3CG, FOS, IL6, XIAP, MAP2K1, GRB2, JUN, BCL2, NFKB1, MAPK8, BIRC3, IKBKB, BIRC2
hsa05142:Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)9PIK3CG, FOS, IL6, CCL2, JUN, NFKB1, MAPK8, IKBKB, IL2
hsa04722:Neurotrophin signaling pathway9PIK3CG, MAP2K1, GRB2, JUN, BCL2, NFKB1, MAPK8, SHC1, IKBKB
hsa04510:Focal adhesion10PIK3CG, XIAP, MAP2K1, GRB2, JUN, BCL2, MAPK8, SHC1, BIRC3, BIRC2
hsa04064:NF-kappa B signaling pathway8XIAP, BCL2, LCK, ZAP70, NFKB1, BIRC3, IKBKB, BIRC2
hsa04621:NOD-like receptor signaling pathway7IL6, CCL2, NFKB1, MAPK8, BIRC3, IKBKB, BIRC2

Module 2hsa05140:Leishmaniasis7IL4, TNF, PTGS2, RELA, IFNG, IL1B, NOS2
hsa05142:Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)7CCL3, TNF, RELA, SERPINE1, IFNG, IL1B, NOS2
hsa05146:Amoebiasis6CASP3, TNF, RELA, IFNG, IL1B, NOS2
hsa05321:Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)5IL4, TNF, RELA, IFNG, IL1B
hsa05133:Pertussis5CASP3, TNF, RELA, IL1B, NOS2
hsa05152:Tuberculosis6CASP3, TNF, RELA, IFNG, IL1B, NOS2
hsa05132:Salmonella infection5CCL3, RELA, IFNG, IL1B, NOS2
hsa04066:HIF-1 signaling pathway5RELA, SERPINE1, IFNG, NOS3, NOS2
hsa04668:TNF signaling pathway5CASP3, TNF, PTGS2, RELA, IL1B
hsa05145:Toxoplasmosis5CASP3, TNF, RELA, IFNG, NOS2