Research Article

Potential Antitumor Activity and Apoptosis Induction of Glossostemon bruguieri Root Extract against Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

Figure 1

Dose-dependent growth inhibition of HepG2 and Hep3B cells by MRE. HepG2 and Hep3B cells were treated with MRE (0~2000 μg/ml) for 48 hrs. Controls were defined as cells treated with 0.1% DMSO without MRE. (a) Effects of MRE on the proliferation of HepG2 and Hep3B cells were expressed as percentage of cell viability. (b) Effects of 48 hrs exposure to varying concentrations of MRE on cell proliferation are expressed as concentrations of MRE at which the viability of cells can be reduced to 50% (IC50). (c) In vitro cytotoxicity of the MRE against normal human hepatocytes; a nonviral normal human liver epithelial cell line were treated by different concentration of the MRE. Data from at least three independent experiments performed in at least triplicate are presented as means ± SD; P value was calculated versus control cells: and .