Table 2: Biomedical parameters results of 32 participants before and after consuming 15 mL of virgin coconut oil or 2% carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) solution twice daily for 8 weeks.

Biomedical parameter (mean)
Virgin coconut oil2% CMC solution

Total cholesterol (mg/dL)190.4187.70.389191.1183.70.021
Triglyceride (mg/dL)67.864.70.47769.372.30.493
HDL – cholesterol (mg/dL)60.364.20.00160.859.00.124
LDL – cholesterol (mg/dL)116.6110.50.061116.4110.20.036
Weight (kg)58.959.20.36559.158.70.430
BMI (kg/m2)20.820.90.49520.920.70.403
SBP (mmHg)114.3114.80.762115.8117.60.187
DBP (mmHg)
BUN (mg/dL)12.312.10.83512.011.20.066
SCr (mg/dL)0.800.810.2310.790.820.057
AP (U/L)71.771.20.68368.969.40.807

Note. -test. To convert total, LDL-cholesterol, and HDL-cholesterol levels from mg/dL to mmol/L, multiply by 0.02586; to convert triglyceride level from mg/dL to mmol/L, multiply by 0.01129. Abbreviations. BMI: body mass index; SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; BUN: blood urea nitrogen; SCr: serum creatinine; HDL: high density lipoprotein; LDL: low density lipoprotein; AST: aspartate aminotransferase; ALT: alanine aminotransferase; AP: alkaline phosphatase.