Research Article

Optimized-SopungSunkiwon, a Herbal Formula, Attenuates Aβ Oligomer-Induced Neurotoxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease Models

Figure 3

Inhibitory effect of OSS on -induced intracellular ROS generation and hippocampal GSH depletion. The ROS and GSH levels were measured by the fluorescence dye of DCF and manufactured manual, respectively. Pre- or posttreatment with OSS inhibited ROS generation in PC12 cells (a, b) and reduction of GSH levels in hippocampal tissues (c) against toxicity. Data are expressed as percentages relative to untreated controls (intracellular ROS levels) or sham-operated group (hippocampal GSH levels). Values are indicated as the mean ± SEM of four replicates. and compared to the control (in PC12 cells) or sham-operated (in hippocampal tissues) group; and compared to the -only treated group.