Research Article

Lupinus mutabilis Edible Beans Protect against Bacterial Infection in Uroepithelial Cells

Figure 2

mRNA and protein expression of cell surface receptor and antimicrobial peptides in uninfected uroepithelial cells. Expression of UPK1A (a) and RNASE7 (c) at mRNA level in cells treated for 24 h with 1000 μg/ml of L. mutabilis in 5 and 11 mM glucose and nontreated cells in equivalent glucose concentrations as control. Immunofluorescence staining also confirmed downregulation of UP1a (b) and upregulation of RNase 7 (d) after 24 h of 1000 μg/ml of L. mutabilis treatment in both 5 and 11 mM cells when compared to respective control cells. Data shown are +/- SEM. Results were normalized to nontreated uninfected control cells indicated by P <0.05 and P <0.0001. Expression of mRNA was from a total of three independent assays with duplicates per condition.