Research Article

Community Pharmacists’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Herbal Medicines in Asir Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Table 2

Pharmacists’ knowledge about the indications of selected herbal medicines (n=233).

Statement% of correct answer% of incorrect answerCochrans testTotal P value

Echinacea is used to boost immunity96.1 (224)3.9 (9)X2= 206<0.05 and
St John’s wort is commonly used for mild to moderate depression96.6 (225)3.4 (8)
Arnica is used for minor skin irritation and bruises85 (198)15 (35)
Ginger is used for motion sickness and pregnancy-associated nausea and vomiting66.5 (155)33.5 (78)
Ginkgo is claimed to delay dementia85.8 (200)14.2 (33)
Chamomile is indicated for inflammation, anxiety and insomnia74.7 (174)25.3 (59)

p<0.05, p <0.001.