Research Article

Use and Conservation of Medicinal Plants by Indigenous People of Gozamin Wereda, East Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia: An Ethnobotanical Approach

Table 7

Jaccard’s Coefficient of Similarity index with six other areas with respect to plants species composition.

Sample of study areas ABCJCS%References

Gozamin Wereda93---Present
Bale Mountain National Park10186157.42Yineger et al. 2008
Chelya District89503921.91Amenu, 2007
Debre Libanos District90504022.22Getaneh, 2009
Gimbi District85553017.65Tolasa, 2007
Wonago District65204534.66 Mesfin et al. 2009
Zegie Peninsula67442317.16 Teklehaymanot and Giday, 2007