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Review Article

Ozone Therapy as Adjuvant for Cancer Treatment: Is Further Research Warranted?

Figure 1

Ozone therapy and cerebral blood flow assessed by SPECT-ECD. Cerebral blood flow assessed by single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with ECD (-ethyl cysteinate dimer); the tracer correlates with cerebral blood flow. The figure depicts a 68-year-old patient with a left parietooccipital glioblastoma (astrocytoma Grade IV) following subtotal resection. SPECT with ECD was carried out before (Left) and after 3 O3T sessions on alternate days (Right). After 3 sessions of O3T, (1) overall SPECT-index in brain increased from 60% to 90% and (2) in the tumor area (section #11) SPECT-index increased from 28% to 49%, increase >50%. Note that there are different scales before and after O3T.