Research Article

Evaluation of Alternative Methods to Assess the Biological Properties of Propolis on Metabolic Activity and Biofilm Formation in Streptococcus mutans

Figure 4

Metabolic activity in S. mutans biofilm measured by flow cytometry. The biofilm cellular suspension was excited at 488 nm, and emission was registered with FITC channel for Syto 9 (530/30) and PerCP channel (670/LP) for propidium iodide. (a) Untreated cells. (b) Chlorhexidine. (c) EP at 0.8 μg·mL−1. (d) EP at 0.4 μg·mL−1. (e) EP at 0.2 μg·mL−1. (f) EP at 0.1 μg·mL−1. EP, polyphenol-rich extract of propolis.